Sleep number beds emerged as a great potential solution for the people suffering from sleep disorders, but the number of sleep number bed problems which have cropped up off late have become some kind of a cause for concern. A revolutionary idea in the yesteryears wherein these beds gave the customer or the user the ability to adjust the beds to their comfort, these were promising a good night’s sleep to the people with sleep disorders and injury. With the passage of time, there have been certain sleep number bed problems which have been repetitive in nature.

Sleep number bed problems

The problems

One of the most common sleep number bed problems is the trench effect wherein, the people using the bed control the softness of the bed and invariably, the centre portion ends up being softer and as a result, both the occupants tend to roll in towards the centre.

Another problem with these beds is that contrary to the advertised claim of the firm, the beds do not really have a full 30 days trial guarantee. There are only certain parts of the bed which can be returned and exchanged, but the most expensive parts like the frame can just not be changed as such.

These beds have the possibility of developing molds as there are air pockets in between foam layers. Now the occurrence of molds under these conditions has shown results of asthma in many patients. In order to do away with this risk, the firm has claimed certain precautions which have been taken which shall not allow the molds to occur in the first place.

Of the many sleep number bed problems one might have heard, the one which points at the general comfort of the bed is one which is the greatest cause of concern. While some people claim that the air chambers deflate with time, there are many other who claim that the feel of the bed as being too different from the traditional mattress and therefore the bed does not come forth as the ultimate sleep solution which it boasts of.

With these problems in the sleep number bed, one really wonders if the deal is worthwhile or an alternative is what one must look for. In the competitive world of today, there are numerous avenues available to get the desired comfort and the kind of mattress one needs to suit the particular requirement. With these options in mind, there are many people who are turning to other solutions in the field of comfortable sleep.


Of all the sleep number bed problems, there are none which are impossible to fix and the firm has taken a fair number of steps to address these. The very fact that the settings of the bed allow it to be changed to suit any scenario makes it an item of desire. Given that the basic sleep number bed problems are being addressed, the bed still remains a viable solution to the requirements of people with sleep disorders and injury.